LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 20

Today's Prize
Skater Boi Accessory Pack

Another day of toys that someone might actually expect to get for a Christmas present! (Or whatever winter holiday you happen to celebrate.) Today's door hid this little skateboard (complete with extra axle) and two helmets. Why two? I have no idea. Maybe Santa couldn't afford two skateboards, but was delivering to a home with more than one kid? Maybe the kid in question loses helmets like some people lose left socks? It's just a mystery.

It's sad to think that today's door finishes the "Child and Playthings" theme for the Advent Calendar. Tomorrow we're off onto a new theme - and I have a sneaking fear that the next theme isn't going to be nearly as holiday-friendly. And we're running out of time until Christmas Eve.

And now...back to "As the Brick Turns"...

Oil: Did I hear you right? You love me, Grumpypants?

Officer Grumpypants: Yes, Oil. You heard me. I've tried to deny my feelings, but your persuasive analogy of Friday and Gannon breached the kevlar around my heart.

Officer Grumpypants: The problem now, of course, is that by thawing my cold, barren heart I've lost my focus for law enforcement. How can I be objective and stern when all I can think about

Oil: Oh, Grumpypants, you don't understand! You don't need to lose that gruff exerior...or interior! We just have to wait for Jack and Ace to get back with those corpses and you'll're still the same hard-ass that you always were!

Officer Grumpypants: Maybe you're right.

Oil: Of course I'm right.

Officer Grumpypants: So. That sure is a big keg of lubricant you've got over there.

Oil: C'mere you...

Meanwhile, in a scene much less likely to require nudity:

MC Leetspeak: 1 h4t3 1t wh3n |\/|y RC go3s FuBaR. aT l3a5t L3G0 g4ve mE tH1s 81tchin' b04rD 2 chex th1ngz 0ut.

MC Leetspeak: Oh, Noes! PowN3D!

Intentionally out-of-focus Mystery Menace: Ah, FRESH MEAT.

MC Leetspeak: I just w3t my pants.

Quite possibly continued tomorrow!


Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 6
Parts to Go: 7

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