LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 24

Today's Prize
It's SANTA!!!!!

You know, I've been pretty vocal about the lack of any holiday spirit in this year's LEGO Advent Calendar. From the thieves, to the mainiacs...heck, even to the pizza's been one wacky ride of non-holiday items. But here, on the very last try, behind the very last door, lurks that tiny spark of Christmas Joy to rekindle the holiday bonfire

Yes, Santa. Beloved war-hero and political moderate. He comes complete with sled, box of presents, and a very unhappy sled dog. But even that's okay - this is a Robotic Sled Dog who has no problems pulling both Santa and all the toys for every child in the world from a harness apparently stapled to his back.

Peeking ahead, today's part count puts us at a happy "40 Extra bits" - forty tiny bricks of love, beyond the 203 we shelled out our cash for. I love you, LEGO Corporation.

But enough of the happy-happy-joy-joy. In the world of the Advent Calendar Trevor has been revealed as the main villain of the Season - everyone but Officer Grumpypants and the Pizza Chef are dead - and the Pizza Chef may (or may not) be on Trevor's payroll!

We return to our story at the pivotal moment as Officer Grumpypants, poisoned by an evil pizza-plot-point, staggers towards Trevor with Vengeance on his mind.

Officer Grumpypants: Hello. My name is Officer Grumpypants. You killed my Oil. Prepare to die.

Trevor: You're still not trying to win, are you? By now the secret blend of evil I put into that pizza has to be tearing your insides apart.

Officer Grumpypants: name is......

Trevor: Okay, that was funny yesterday. Now it's just old. Really. Just for that, I'm going to kick you in the stomach.

Trevor: Ah. That's more like it. In a few minutes you'll be spitting up blood. Enjoy your last few moments in this world, lawman. Well, as much as you can while spitting out your innards, anyway.


*cue dramatic music for heroic reveal*

Santa: You've run out of more than that, you evil bundle of bricks. You're out of time.


Santa: Normally, I'd quip something like "Bite Me." But I think today I'll go with a more seasonal "You're Going DOWN you HO-HO-HO!" You see this toy, bubba? This is the new RedNeck2000 Deep-Fat Whole-Turkey Frier. Only $45.33 at Wal-Mart. My elves were working overtime on these this year. Care for a taste?

Man-Eating-Safe-Mecha: OUCHIE!

Pizza Guy: Hey! A RedNeck2000! I've got to get me one of those!

Santa: Give it up, Trevor. Your servant is destroyed. Don't make me kill you, too.

Trevor: You and what army, Santa? You're pretty good at shooting giant, slow-moving targets, but I'm a lot faster on the draw.

Santa: Funny you should mention an army, Trevor. Among the many items on your "Naughty" list is littering - you shouldn't have left those decapitated corpses lying around when you went off to poison the pizzas.

Santa: I got the idea from the Classic Star Trek Episode "Spock's Brain". They may not be very smart - or fast - but they do know how to kill. And while you've been busy taunting me, they've surrounded you.

Trevor: Well, this is less than ideal, isn't it? Drat. But you'll NEVER take me alive! KILL ME and you'll become as evil as I am! And I'll still have managed to Ruin Christmas!

Santa: You've been trying to ruin Christmas?

Trevor: Well, no, It's been more of a "I want to be the only man left standing" sort of vendetta. But it certainly wasn't going to be a Hallmark moment.

Meanwhile, Officer Grumpypants, having vomited up most of the poison thanks to Trevor's kick to the stomach, has recovered enough to enact a bit of Christmastime Vengeance of his own! While Santa and Trevor are locked in a deadly standoff, he hauls the giant tub of lube onto position.

Yesterday, when Trevor was gloating about the Pizza-Plot-Point, he revealed a weakness that Officer Grumpypants knew he could exploit. Trevor, you see, is allergic to strawberries.



Officer Grumpypants: And thus is EVIL CONQUERED!

Santa: Damn, Grumpypants, you didn't pull any punches.

Officer Grumpypants: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Criminals, that cowardly superstitious lot...they will pay. This strawberry lube is...a SIGN. The STRAWBERRY fills them with fear. The STRAWBERRY kills. I shall....I shall become DARK-STRAWBERRY!

Santa: .....what? Oh. I see. Oil's death has pushed you over the brink into insanity.

Officer Grumpypants: Well, sure. My life is in shambles. Vigilantism dressed as a giant piece of fruit makes total sense right now.

Santa: But you've forgotten! It's Christmas! And I'm SANTA. Nothing is beyond my power tonight!

And with a deep breath, a couple of knee bends, and a crack of his knuckles, St. Nick summoned all of his Holiday Power to bring Christmas to the 2005 LEGO Advent Calendar!


Oil: We're ALIVE! ALIVE!

Jack: My GOD! Look at the mess!

MC LeetSpeak: My speech impediment is gone! It's a Christmas Miracle!

Oil: Grumpypants!

Officer Grumpypants: Oil, don't you ever leave me again!

Oil: You can handcuff me to the bed. SAY! Is there any lube left?

Pizza Guy: Well, Santa, it looks like everything is back to normal! Everyone is happy, too!

Santa: It's what I do.

Jack: "Everyone is happy". As if. I'm still stuck cleaning up. Oh well. Maybe next year.


Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 24
Parts to Go:


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