LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 23

Today's Prize:
Burning Oil Drum & Extinguisher

Assuming we have Santa behind tomorrow's door, this will be the final item in the "two day run" of the Fireman theme. To that end, we get a burning barrel of oil (We got a barrel of oil last year, too, back on Day 17 of 2005) and the means to return it safely to an inert state. we? Don't you need a FOAM fire extinguisher to put out an oil-based fire? Wouldn't the water just spread it around?

Anyway, kids, if you're going to use today's gifts "as is", pretend that blue stuff is foam, okay?

Grumpypants: Oil, I'm so glad you're back.

Oil: Well, c'mere and show me.

Loki (Thinking): Now...while they're distracted, I can make my escape! These fools didn't stop to think that LEGO mini-figure heads have no ears! I can just slip right out of this th.......HOLD ON! Jack! He's got the BROWN CASE! The final item I needed to activate my bomb and blow the Advent Stream back to its beginnings!

Loki (Still Thinking): Jack's completely absorbed by Grumpypants and Oil's reunion! I can get the case, blow the stream, and STILL be the hero for this year! It's not too late!

Loki: AAAAH! That still hurt!

Loki: Gimmie that!

Jack: I...what? HEY!

Loki: Just need...a few seconds....

Loki: THERE! The activator pin! All I have to do is attach this to the bomb, and ALL WILL BE WELL!

Loki: Whooop whooop whooop!

Grumpypants: Oil, I....HEY! Who let the evil run free??

Loki: Too late to stop me now, Coppers!

Handy: My god! He's heading right for me! He...he was lying! He's been smuggling parts in...through me! I'm the sleeper agent!

Barricade-Lad: I'll stop him with my power to BARRICADE!

But Loki easily leaps over Barricade-Lad!

Barricade-Lad: STOP! Or....I'll say STOP again!



With a terrible sound, the Advent Stream is ripped asunder!!!!

All is still for a moment - where once Handy and Loki grappled, a new portal exists. A portal...quietly playing Christmas Carols.

Slightly later...

Grumpypants: Oil, to celebrate your return, I baked you this cake. It's shaped like an oil drum!

Oil: And it's big enough for all of us to share! That's a Happy Holiday moment!

Grumpypants: Yes. I think....I think Loki might have been right about LEGO's choices for Advent Gifts. Without holiday cheer...without Holiday Gifts...the Advent Stream is just an excuse to show off the CITY and build up an army of Mini-Figures. But that was the 2005 calendar's mistake. Loki never understood that it was his tampering that brought more and more City-Themed objects into the 2006 countdown. Once we were able to stop his interference, the Holiday Cheer that might have infused the Advent began to return.

Oil: Wow! When you explain it like that, it almost makes logical sense! And here I thought things were being made up as they went along.

Doctor Sloehand: But what about this portal? It seems very cheery. Doesn't that mean Loki was right?

Grumpypants: Yes and No, Doctor. True, by removing himself from the Advent Stream, Loki returned things to how they were supposed to be. The Portal is sure to bring in as much holiday spirit as it can. his rush for fame and glory...he also cost us the life of our friend Handy. And in that, Loki has proven himself to be the very evil he claimed to be opposing.

Grumpypants: But I have hope. The Guardian of the Advent Stream has dropped hints that we're in some sort of repeating loop. Just in case that's true, I'm going to use this paint-gun to paint a beacon on this wall.

Grumpypants: A beacon....for a friend.

Grumpypants: Come back to us, Handy. If you can, come back to us.

Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 11
Parts to Go: -8

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