LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 17

Today's Prize
Oil Drum and Cart

Okay, I'm starting to seriously worry that LEGO has run out of ideas for this Advent Calendar. Yesterday's "Drill Press" was actually not a bad bit of miniaturization. But today? Today we get a repeat of the hand-cart from Day 8 and a giant tub of lube. At least they gave us an extra axle if the weight of the lube breaks the cart - and a second nozzle for sanitary purposes.

I'm really worried about what this particular batch of mini-figues is going to do with about $800 worth of lube...

...but first:

Officer Grumpypants: Jack, Ace, I have a special mission for you. Go round up the decapitated bodies that Jack cleaned up. I think if we compare them we can finally get this "mystery" underway.

Ace: I love mysteries.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, whatever. I clean all this stuff up, and now you want o drag it all back out? *mutter mutter*

Oil: Duuuuuuudes! Look what I have!

Officer Grumpypants: That's not a giant barrel of lube, is it?

Oil: Um. Maybe.

Officer Grumpypants: And just what do you intend to do with that?

Oil: Grease up the Grissom-Grahms CSI Investigation kit. The directions said I had to.

Officer Grumpypants: Directions? I thought it came fully assembled.

Oil: Um. Well....

Officer Grumpypants: You brought that oil for lewd reasons, didn't you? Be honest.

Oil: ....

Officer Grumpypants: Admit it!

Oil: ....yes. YES! It's true! I brought this drum of oil to try and tempt you into lewd behavior!

Officer Grumpypants: No time for love, Dr. Jones. What little plot we had is starting to fall apart faster than....well, it's darn fast. Let me see if I can get this radio to work again...

Oil: You know, you have the most lovely eyes...

Officer Grumpypants: Quiet, you.

Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 9
Parts to Go: 27

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