LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 8

Today's Prize:
Exam Table and extra bits

Day 8 continues the medical theme - this time with a cold, stark exam table and evil looking Green IV drip. There are also a bunch of extra bits, which will help our story along. Speaking of which....

Dr. Sloehand: I almost didn't recognize you - aren't you missing some important parts? Have you been doing the Atkin's Plan? Jenny Craig?

Handy: No, it's working more like the reverse - I've gone from my core components to this over the course of a couple of days. Every time those Pylons go active....

Dr. Sloehand: You mean like that?


Handy: Right. Every time they go active some more of my parts appear and graft themselves onto my body.

Dr. Sloehand: That's ....freaky. But when you're dealing with Temporal Distortions, I guess it's only to be expected. Lemmie just put my case down over here - and you hop up on the exam table. Maybe we can make some sense of things together...

Handy: I'm really not sure what you can hope to find.

Dr. Sloehand: I'm hoping there's some sort of clue built into the sequence of the parts you've acquired. You seem to be reconfiguring every time they there's some sort of intelligent design at work.

Handy: I don't know about "intelligent". I look like a five year old cobbled me together!

Meanwhile, Loki has returned to the scene to gather up the results of his Temporal Tinkering.

Loki: Heh. Here we go. Three cases - just like I planned. Hrm. One was supposed to be brown. Time flux must of discolored things.

Loki: No matter. With these in hand I should be able to fix things for good. Well, MY good, anyway.


Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 14
Parts to Go: 167

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