Star Wars BLING

X-Wing Fighter R-Type (XR-Wing)
Set 7140
Roomier cockpit with revised controls and leather seating, double the guns, huge engines, landing gear, and a four-cylinder shield generator.

Beyond the increases in speed, the XR-Wing has a major improvement in the area of safety: A built in four-cylinder shield generator.

Torque vs Displacement

Located in the elongated shaft, the generator sits just behind the nose's sensor array. The sides and bottom of the generator are exposed to allow for greater cooling efficiency, as well as to show off the mechanism.

In the photo above you can also see the chromed vents just aft of the intake manifold. The fore are used to help dissipate heat from the on-board stereo system's Hydrodine Speakers. The aft are actually disguised speakers themselves, allowing the pilot to share his choice of tunes with all in up to a six-mile radius.

One of the major disadvantages of the stock X-Wing configuration is the requirement that the pilot fly with his arm at his sides. Two floor-mounted control surfaces are within easy reach, but many pilots have complained that it "looks dorky" and is "far from comfortable on long flights". Also note the complete lack of a seat. The pilot reclines directly on the hull, using only his helmet for padding.

The XR-Wing fixes all of those problems. By moving the Astromech socket back twelve inches, the pilot gains enough arm room to use heads-up controls. The side panels are still there, but raised to arm-rest level. The harsh "sit on the floor" descision has been reversed and replaced with plush heated leather seats.

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