Title Builder Use of pieces in set 7695
(20 points)
of "Remission"
(30 points)
General Coolness
and that
Funky-Fresh feeling
(50 points)

Total & Ranking

Disco Platform Jordan Cross 20 30 31.6

81.6 Points

7th Place

Judge Comments: "Love the dancers getting down!", "Clever!", "Like the dance floor"

Notes from Builder:

Heres my second entry for the mars remission contest.
It is a funky dance stage with a jet that has extra wide wings for pole dancers. The floor rotates when a wheel beneath it is turned. At the same time the jet spins in the other direction.
Here is a large over view of the model-
Here is a zoomed in photo of the jet. One dancer is traditionally from earth and the other is a living mars rock which seems to be strangely humanoid?!?-
Here's a shot of the dance floor by itself with all the spacey mini figs-
Heres an unfortunately blurred shot of the hot tub. Nearby is a remarkably flexible robot!-
Heres a close up of several mini-figs. Meca one seems to be having a fun time even though a space mini is bowled over laughing at him. At the same time the rogue stares curiously (or maybe resentfully who knows?) at the passed out space police-man-
Another close-up, This time of the people queueing up for the limbo. A mini desperately needs to be some where fo no apparent reason whilst a lonely transvestite stands in a corner-
This one's a shot of the minis in a conga line. (maybe thats where he was running to?)-
Here's the gearing system that makes the magic happen. the baseplate is there for balange, not display-
Last is another shot of the dance floor by itself-
By Jordan.A.Cross Age 12 


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