Title Builder Use of pieces in set 7695
(20 points)
of "Remission"
(30 points)
General Coolness
and that
Funky-Fresh feeling
(50 points)

Total & Ranking

Ultimate Astro Disco Jordan Cross 20 26 39.6

85.6 Points

2nd Place

Judge Comments: "Lost points for repetition, but still very cool", "Very cool!!", "Jordan has too much time on his hands! Does he do homework??"

Notes from Builder:

It is a fusion of my 2 previous entrys with a load of neat extras.
Here is a picture of the entire set without the stripper jet-
This is a top down shot of the stripper jet-
Here's a shot of the dance floor, Hot tub, Grind rails and drinks bar-

Heres another large shot of the dance floor etc-

Here's a close up of the Stunt Astro-
Heres a view of the dance floor by itself-
This one's a shot of two figs on the Grind rails-
Next is a shot of the hover car park and a fig crossing one of the bridges to the dance floor-
A mini is about to use the grind rail with hover board in hand-
Finally is a shot of the set from the hover car park-
By Jordan Cross, Age 12


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