Title Builder Use of pieces in set 7695
(20 points)
of "Remission"
(30 points)
General Coolness
and that
Funky-Fresh feeling
(50 points)

Total & Ranking

Space Limo Cruiser Doug 7172 20 13.6 22.2

55.8 Points

14th Place

Judge Comments: "Nice hot tub", "Boring!", "no groove to move"

Notes from Builder:

I call it "Space Limo Cruiser", or just S.L.C
The beauty shot, you can see the simple control and a phone, to call home if you are unhappy
Another view just for fun
Things starting to unfold

Yes its a hot tub with a tv,

"Care for a drink, cause I can't take off my helmet to" also another thought of are beloved astronaught.

"Did the water just float out, is it really warm, it better be I spent alot of money on this thingy"



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