Title Builder Use of pieces in set 7695
(20 points)
of "Remission"
(30 points)
General Coolness
and that
Funky-Fresh feeling
(50 points)

Total & Ranking

Stunt Astro Jordan Cross 20 25.6 36.2

81.8 Points

5th Place

Judge Comments: "Disco is all about moving, so the roll action and disco deck are a great combo", "Disco erector set!"

Notes from Builder:

Here's my entry for the Mars-Remission Competition. I have created a device to allow Astros to perform stunts. By turning the pulley wheel on the back the astro rolls left and right and by rotating the big gear on the arm the Astro flips fowards and backwards. I am sending a video of it in action on a separate email

Here is a side on view of my model-

Next is a head on view of the Astro and DJ decks. Check out the cool ghetto blasters and disco lights on the Astro. The decks have 2 huge speakers below, turntables, disco lights, a giant disco light and exo-force power brick for extra funk!-

Here's a close up of the Dj decks-

This is a shot of the light brick in action-

Finally is a shot from the rear. See the disco lights a bling silver tubing-

Stunt Astro by Jordan Cross. Age 12

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