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#1 - The Non-Wheel Wheel Chair

Builder: Meta K

Scientists have always wanted a way to make a wheel chair without wheels. Equipped with turbine engines, computer, cup holder, binoculars, and weaponry*, it's the ultimate wheelchair.

*If anyone asks, it's a squirt gun.

Country: US

Tranquility Says:

"A nice basic no-frills hover chair. The cup holder is a nice accessory."


#2 - Eat My Dust 5000

Builder: World

Clear the roads or eat my dust! That's the slogan for this pimped wheelchair. Complete with a Phase Photon Mark V Blaster Cannon and a shark attached to the side! And don't think you're safe running toward the sun, because this wheelchair also has an umbrella precisely to keep it from hurting the driver's eyes! And don't worry about tickets for speeding, because this wheelchair is guaranteed to run over the cop before he can lift a finger to his notepad!

(My country of origin is US)

Tranquility Says:

"I'm really not sure what this is supposed to be, the overhead view doesn't really show it in its best light. And won't the shark die if its out of the water for too long?"

#3 - Dr. Shinyhair's Wheelchair

Builder: Mr_Shagnasty12

This wheel chair was created by a republic scientist,Dr. Shiny Hair.

here is a link to more pics
First version photo:


Tranquility Says:

"This is bordering into not-really-a-wheelchair-but-a-low-atmo-craft territory."

#4 - The Rocket Chair

Builder: Flamero Burns

This is my first Edition. Has Dual Rockets, Speakers, Dual Plasma Guns, a Proton Cannon and a 'stable' screen.

(I Live in AK)

Tranquility Says:

"While it certainly looks like a descendent of the wheelchair, it is rather wide.Comfy-looking though."

#5 - T-47 Hover chair

Builder: ostmackan5

Equipment: Hologram projector linked to a computer, internet and a phone,
Hover disks and to top it of a touch screen and joystick to control it all.

Contry of origin:Sweden

Tranquility Says:

"Nice compact chair. Love the holographic display!"

#6 - spider-chair of the future

Builder: werty

Go here to see

Tranquility Says:

" This is the first chair where the builder has considered how it gets transported over long-distances. It folds up so it will fit in the boot (trunk) of the car/spaceship."

#7 - THE LEG CHAIR 3000

Builder: lego is groovy

It has quite a few sets of legs, which can be controlled by using the levers, which are great for going over rough terrain (and also great for kicking people who are in your way)! The big platform is to seperate you from the common people down below and the lower platform is for giving people lifts aroud town(If they pay you). I'm from the UK

Heres a link to the full size photo:

thank you! GOOD BYE!

Tranquility Says:

"One question: how does one get in to and out of the chair?"

#8 - Funk the Future

Builder: Rook

“Ah the Vikings have come!”
So I just thought I’d do a line of Viking themed wheelchairs in honor of my ancestry.
12th century Viking helmet, $13,000 USD, 24th century wheel chair in the 21st century, $175,000 USD, knowing all your friends are coming to your Halloween party, Priceless.

Tranquility Says:

"Looks Segway inspired. Cool. Looks like it has great manoeuvrability and avoids being a mech, also cool."

#9 - USS enchairprise

Builder: takua777

the constitution-class USS enchairprise, not particularly comfortable but at least it looks the part. oh yeah, and I'm from the UK. I will open fire on anyone who mentions crumpets, the queen or cricket.

Tranquility Says:

"LOL. Great design for a starship, probably not so much for a wheelchair."

Sadly, takua777 did not meet entry guidelines for photo submission, so this is a non-competing entry.

#10 - OmniChair 5000

Builder: yodamann

Are you tired of having a slow weak looking, wheelchair that you know people judge you on?
Do you want power and maneuverability?
The Look no further for it is the OmniChair 5000!
A mattter/anti-matter reaction camber complete with dilithium crystal,
Omni-directional Turbothrusters,
Detachable self powered command chair for tight manuevering,
5000 targ beast power,
iPod dock,
Holonet link,
Anti-gravity plate 2000
And a stunningly comfortable chair! ... 721311960/
I am from Canada.

Tranquility Says:

"Like the detachable self-powered chair bit – but, then, isn't THAT the “wheelchair” section then? The rest is therefore just a... oh dear... mech suit!"

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