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#1 - Mega-chair six-thousand

Builder: legovillager

Let me take you through it...

1) Large off terrain wheels (The large offterain wheels enable you to tackle treacherous terrain.)

2) Cup holder (One of your arms is controlling the wheelchair, and you need to carry something else in the other. Where are you going to put your drink? In the cup holder of course!)

3) Control joystick (To drive the wheelchair with of course!)

4) Comfy padded chair (You might be sitting there for a long time. Comfort is a top priory.)

5) umbrella/sunshade (If it's raining, and your sitting in a wheelchair, you get quite wet. The umbrella prevents you from getting wet.)

6) rear view camera (If you've ever used a wheelchair, you'll notice that it's almost impossible to look behind you. This camera tackles this problem.)

7) Screen (The screen gives you live feed from the video camera, so you can see from behind.)

8) Car crusher. (Made for crushing those annoying cars who block the dip in the pavement and use the disabled spaces as a "Stop and get some money from the cash-point" space.)

and here's a link with more pictures and info

Oh I forgot to mention I'm from the uk.

Tranquility Says:

"Love the car crusher! How I wish I had one of those."

#2 - Turbo-Gruntmaster-6000 Wheelchair

Builder: GarraFTW

This is my entry for the "Pimp My Wheelchair" contest.

The Turbo-Gruntmaster-6000 Wheelchair has everything a crippled citizen could want.

Comes with high-speed racing tires, Shiny chrome bumper, Automated anti-terrorist missile launcher, Built-in stove, Drink Mixer, Computer for reading Brick House, an arm for picking up pennies and a hands-free automatic feeder.

Bonus: Butt warmer!

Only 189 payments of $2!

Nationality: US

Tranquility Says:

"Anti-terrorist missile launcher? Dude!"

Sadly, GarraFTW did not meet entry guidelines for photo submission, so this is a non-competing entry.

#3 - Power Riding in the Present

Builder: Rook

Hello from "The Great White North" (Canada),

Power Riding in the Present

“Ah the Vikings are here!”
So I just thought I’d do a line of Viking themed wheelchairs in honor of my ancestry.
So you’re usually late getting to the office. Well this year you’ll be on time to the annual Halloween Office Party in brand new DragStar1200.

Tranquility Says:

"That some serious power there."

#4 - Lowrider 2009

Builder: RJBT

The Lowrider 2009 is the ultimate wheelchair.

As explained by Jeremy Clarkson and James May in the Strip - The Original Wheelchair is very useful with a Battery Powered Motor, Electronic seat, heat, direction and speed controls. Its can go up to 20mph with 20 horse powers and 2 months battery time.

The £100 upgrade is easy to install and has a free subscription to the basic channels, Blox TV, BLC, IBB, BLC 2, and Channel 5. It also has internet access and wi-fi.

The Engines are only available in Japack for $1mil. They aren't road or house legal.

The Rainsheild is £10 and works with every version of the MS2009.

The LR2009 comes in 5 colours - Black, White, Red, Pink and Chrome for an extra £50.

It was produced in the UK (Chrome-tastic worthy).

You can view the picture here on my site.

Tranquility Says:

" I told RJBT not to reveal that I am the Stig."

Sadly, RJBT did not meet entry guidelines for photo submission, so this is a non-competing entry.

#5 - Here and Now

Builder: Razel


  1. solar panels - it converts sun's energy to electricity that the wheelchair use
  2. shade - it protects the rider from sun's harmful rays (it is retractable so, if the rider wants light from the sun, he will just fold it using the built-in computer)
  3. robotic claw - it holds anything the rider wishes
  4. big wheels - it has big wheels to let it cross rocky roads
  5. touch screen monitor - it is the center of control of the wheelchair. It has also an access to the internet (and of course, to read Brick House![/b] )
  6. lamp - it provides the wheelchair enough light so that the rider can read what's written on his monitor

    Link to other image :

    Country : Philippines

    Tranquility Says:

    "Making use of solar energy is an excellent idea, and one that I'd like to see on the real wheelchair!"

#6 - The Computer Desktop Wheelchair

Builder: jamesclark111

country:northern America (east)

[The Computer Desktop Wheelchair

Don't you hate it when you can't take your laptop computer on travel because your on wheelchair with nothing to help you with even when your alone?

Well with this wheelchair, you won't need to bother with buying your own laptop and getting it on your broken lap or leg (Ouch!). This wheelchair comes with it's own table and computer with it.

The seat can go about 270 degrees (I forgot what it was called but I will just use degrees) back and forth so that you can actually sleep on your wheelchair.

You won't need those joystick controllers or car wheels to control your wheelchair. You can just use the arrow keys on the computer to control your wheelchair.
:srs: but make sure you use wheelchair lock (W lock) for moving the wheelchair and seat lock (S lock)for moving the seat back and forth :srs:


Tranquility Says:

"The builder here has hit upon a very real problem I had when I was at school."

#7 - Cameraman Special Wheelchair

Builder: LuxorV

Jack is a very professional cameraman, indeed one of the best. He had a serious accident while working on a stunt scene involving exploding cars. When he came out of the hospital, the lookout was he had to leave his job. He had nothing of it! He asked a friend of his who worked on tech stuff for the movies to build him a special wheelchair with which he could still do his work. The result is this beauty with motorized wheels, a camera stand with remote controls for operating it and a posable stage light, all fed by a battery on the back of the chair. As an optional, Jack also got comfort pillows for his back!

More photos can be found here.

Country of origin: Italy


Tranquility Says:

"Now that's what I call 'enabling technology'. Awesome – if I ever want to be a camera operator."

#8 - Here and Now

Builder: Deathdog

Country of origin: USA (Indiana, by way of Michigan, to be specific)
It ain't much, but it's comfy and it's fast! Obviously, it's radio controlled as well -- just hope that Doyle doesn't jam the frequency and send you screaming into the nearest Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Flickr link:

Tranquility Says:

"Radio control might be a bit prone to signal jamming or hi-jacking – not sure of its practicality indoors either."

#9 - ATW (All Terrain Wheelchair)

Builder: shepherdweb

The ATW is not only able to navigate difficult terrain, but it's also speedy. Someone left their dirty laundry on the floor? No problem...the ATW rolls right over it!

Additional Photo

I reside in the USA.


Tranquility Says:

"Now that is really novel. I assume it has a gyro in it to stop it tipping over? I can see myself in one of these."

#10 - Mack Master 50 Cent's Piff Pad

Builder: legorevolution

Star rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) lost use of his legs earlier this year during a fierce shootout. When asked to comment on the incident he replied 'I didn't just lose my legs yo, I lost a bit of pride inside you know what I'm saying? I also lost my pimp limp. It's a shame that I thought was invincible after being shot 9 times years ago. This round I got shot 10 times; it's just an unlucky number man'. Indeed Curtis may have lost more than his legs, but he has vowed to not let the disability slow down record productions as he prepares to entice fans with an up and coming world tour. Titled 'Money, Cash, Ho-meless People', Curtis hopes to raise money for those with disabilities, as well as those without shelter. He is quoted saying, 'Man, the thing about our society is that we often get greedy with material wealth and possessions, forgetting what really matters, you know what I'm saying? I'm going to change the face of the game with my new pimped out wheelchair to promote the awareness.' Though Curtis has vowed to help raise awareness for the less fortunate in society through his own promotion, it is notable that his new wheelchair features a 22" plasma tv, 22" rear spinners wheels, a $10,000 gold and diamond 'crunk' cup, a detailed red velvet interior, a gold plated front grill, and a large money blowing machine called a 'rain-maker'. Not to mention, he has scantily dressed females pushing him around, whilst he wields an AK-47. We can only hope the best for 50 and his upcoming world tour.

A 'Here and Now' entry for the Reasonably Clever 'Pimp My Wheelchair' contest

Country of origin: USA

Please check out larger and more detailed pictures here: ... 640365601/

Tranquility Says:

"Bwaa haa haa haa haa ha. That is all I have to say about this. Res-PECT!"

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