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Class One:
Good Scientist Impulse Build

Curies In the Lab
By: TK1420

The focus of this entry is Madame Curie, but she and Pierre were a team and he was a fun minifig to make anyway. Of particular note is the glow-in-the-dark rod in Madame Curie's hands, which is actually radioactive! I hope Lego makes more radioactive parts!
The first photo depicts Madame Marie Curie and her husband Pierre in a lab with some of the radioactive elements they have discovered.
The second photo is Madame Curie and Pierre demonstrating the eerie green glow of radioactive material.
The third photo (just for fun) has Madame Curie in a blacklite-lit lab to show the flourescent glowy parts. I had a blacklight sitting around and wanted to see how it would come out. Turns out that blacklight is not so great for photographing Lego figures.
More photos of all the models I have made for Brick Science are posted in my photobucket album here:


Noteworthy Competetors (Scored within 10 points of 1st place)


Class Two:
Evil Scientist Impulse Build

Professor ZotA and his EVIL Magnetic Frog Super-Collider
By: George Fox

Opposing his good twin brother Professor AtoZ in every way, the maniacal Professor ZotA lives only to bring suffering to the amphibious lives of frogs. His latest twisted creation, the Magnetic Frog Super-Collider was built to mash these small green creatures into a tasty paste useful for almost nothing.

This model utilizes REAL SCIENCE in that the collider uses real magnetic fields to smash the frog. But don't take my word for it: Check out the YouTube video of this MOC in action.

Full Gallery at Brickshelf

Noteworthy Competetors (Scored within 15 points of 1st place)


Class Three:
Laboratory/ Lair/ Mayhem Diorama/ Large Build

MythBusters M5 Industries Playset
By: BecTodd

This playset is designed to let YOU do the SCIENCE!

Join Adam, Jamie, Grant, Tory and Kari as they work to BUST or CONFIRM the myth that LEGO bricks are superior to the CLONE brands.

Based on the first seasons of MythBusters, this playset Features six minifigures (including Buster the Crash Test Dummy), a Dulpo Pig, and Earl the Caddy.

Play features include a sidewalk cavity to recreate the "buried in concrete" myth, a replica of Jamie's high powered air cannon, the infamous "Wall of Bins", a work bench, a reinforced wall at the end of a street, and so much more!

Take each of the three case test walls (LEGO, Clone, and a 50-50 mix) and smash Earl the Caddy into them! Which brand will prove to hold together the best? Which will win Adam's approval in terms of style? YOU DO THE SCIENCE!

Full Gallery at Brickshelf

Noteworthy Competetors (Scored within 10 points of 1st place)



Class Four:
Science Vignette

Theoretical Physics
By: Ean H.

Theoretical physicist Moog attempts to create fire in a carefully controlled lab environment.

I submit that this is recognizable to anyone familiar with the many Far Side cartoons involving cavemen.

More Images: Brickshelf


Noteworthy Competetors (Scored within 5 points of 1st place)


S-Team Special Award

Marshmallow roasters
By: Wyrdness

A short series featuring Ian Healy's Science Guy as a guest star on the Muppet Show.

Link to pics:  Comic Strip Format!

*Characters featured in this strip are impersonated, without any real permission beyond that implied in the details of the contest, and are used for fun, rather than any commercial profit; so, credit where credit's due:  Muppet characters with apologies to Jim Henson and crew, Science Guy to Ian Healy.  If you don't know who they are, shame on you!

GEM Award: Good Scientist
Bruce N H
( MicroBricks/VignetteBricks) selected the following for his Good/Evil/Mad pick: :

Dr. Able Tosplice, Ph.D.
By: SirNadroj

Dr. Able Tosplice is an infamous medical doctor and scientist. Her experiments have garnered her fame, but many find her experiments to be cruel and unethical. She is currently working on gene-splicing, to create a hybrid creature (part man, part canine) that can be used for good. How, you may ask? That's confidential.




GEM Award: Evil Scientist
( selected the following for his Good/Evil/Mad pick: :

The Blow-Up-The-World Button!
By:Dave Rapp

Because sometimes evil is simplicity.

GEM Award: MAD Scientist
Graviton selected the following for his Good/Evil/Mad pick:

Konrad Zuse and his Z3
By: nolnet

Konrad Zuse in the year 1941, posing in front of his almost finished masterpiece – the Z3. Zuse was a German engineer and computer pioneer. His greatest achievement was the world's first functional program-controlled Turing-complete computer, the Z3.

See here for full size pics


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