Serenity's Mule Hovercraft: Page 2

This particular project took me far too long to complete. I'd build a bit, let it sit, rip parts off, try again, let it sit...and never really made any progress. Call it four+ months of sitting in the "must build" queue. Something finally shifted in my head last week and I was able to complete things more-or-less as I had envisioned them.

It didn't help matters that many other LEGO builders had tried their hands at building a Mule (some of my favorites are Will Vale's, theReflexx's and AlexPeacock's). So why bother finishing my own version? Why not just copy someone else's design and get on with something else?

Because I wanted my own version, darn it.

To that end, I tried to tackle some of the conversion-to-LEGO issues in ways that the other model's hadn't. I also wanted to make the scale as close to the movie version as possible (most of the other models tended to be a bit small when compared to the movie stills)

I started work on the front "forks" - in particular the small auxiliary wheels at the very front. This design for them came to me early on, and is one of the only parts that didn't change through all the months of fiddling with things.

Overall, I think I came pretty close to keeping the scale right. The front crane/hook is a bit wide, and the fins should be triangular, but I made a few sacrifices for swoosh-and-playability.

Here's the claw in the "up" position.

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