Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 14

Day Fourteen. Just ten days left. And what do we have to show for it today? More of that white branch gunk and two squirrels. (What IS that gunk supposed to be? It doesn't look like snow. Maybe ice? But then why would the animals want to sit on it?)

Brother Nutter the Squirrel: Man, there's like NOTHING to eat around here.

Bert: Tell me about it! I was just telling Ernie. "Ernie," I says, "there's Nothing to eat here!"

Sarah: Sorry guys. The Dog said something about sandwiches, but they've never turned up.


Mounds the Squirrel: Man, I could really go for a beer, too.

Birdy2: Don't you mean an acorn or something?

Mounds: Hey, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Brother Nutter: It sure is crowded around here, too. I wonder if we're supposed to do the "Food Chain" thing and start roasting up Pigeons.

Bert: Don't write checks your body can't cash, Squirrely.

Dogma: There must be some other option before we resort to eating each other. I know a great trick with bread and fishes if anyone has some to spare...

Phil: Oh, I can help you guys out. Hungry? Come see me. Reasonable rates...

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