Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 16

Day 16. Small
box. A bag of popcorn
( Perhaps that Peanut Butter flavored version
Capt'n Crunch),
a scarf,
and a hat. This is
a poem because I gave it
goofy line

Timmy: ME feed am-in-als!

Phil: Good lad!

Dogma: Are you going to sacrifice him?

Phil: Of course not. Timmy, do you pledge your soul to EVIL?

Timmy: Sure!

Phil: That's all it takes.

Timmy: stuff!

Phil: That's right, Timmy. A hat, a scarf, and a bottomless bucket of popcorn to keep all your animal friends happy.

Brother Nutter: Hey, check it out! Popcorn!

Bert: It is popcorn!

Dogma: A Christmas miracle!

Phil: Trust me, Christmas has nothing to do with it.

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