Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 7

Day Seven - another tiny box.

But instead of a bird, we have a very tiny child. Looks like Phil knows his stuff.

Sarah: It's not a good time for me to be having children. I don't even know if I have a job yet!

Ed: Aren't they paying you for your appearance here?

Phil: Are YOU getting paid, Ed?

Ed: Well, no, but I figured the human-esque cast might have caught a break.

Sarah: No...they haven't talked to me at all about what will become of me ...after.

Damien: Fear not, Mother. My powers will be enough to protect us in the end times.

Sarah: Oh, okay. This makes more sense. I'm just a foster parent. I can take care of him until someone who actually wants to keep him comes along...

Damien: Don't say such things Mother. They make me sad.

Sarah: Who are you, anyway?

Damien: I'm your child. Damien.

Sarah: "Damien"? Owl, this is your idea of "the next level"? A child with excellent communication skills for his age and a name from the "Omen" movies? I'm not really scared at this point. And you're not making much of a case for me to turn Evil, either.

Ed: I was wondering about that, Phil.

Phil: I'm new to this whole "entice and destroy" thing - I'm used to a punishment/reward/more punishment/still more punishment system. Still, Damien isn't necessarily going to be bad for Sarah. He's just bad in general.

Damien: That I am.

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