Playmobil Advent Calendar 2006- Day 9

Day 9, and the hits just keep coming. I have to wonder how other people, kids in particular, are handling this whole Playmobil Advent thing this year. I doubt that most of them have gone the route of my story. Are they just piling up more and more random items and animals on the stage, hoping for some sort of cohesion to set in on the 24th?

Anyway. Day 9. The Day In Which We Get A Dog.

Sarah: Hunh. Damien passed out completely. I wonder if that blankie was dipped in formaldehyde or something.

Dogma: Tell me, Sarah, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Are you sinning? I bet you're sinning. Sinner.

Sarah: I...what? Who are you?

Dogma: Just a concerned mother. Think of the children! Oh, why won't you think of the children?

Sarah: More religious commentary? The Buddhist bird wasn't goofy enough?

Dogma: My views are authoritative and not to be doubted. Just check Wikipedia.

Sarah: Yeah, sure. As soon as a notebook with wi-fi just happens to appear. You working on that for me Owl?

Phil: Would you like a laptop? I can get you one. Lots of naughty pictures on the internet, you know. Good for what ails ya.

Ed: Good one, Phil. Nice and subtle that time.

Sarah: This...this is just getting goofy.

Everyone Else: "Getting"?

Sarah: No, I'm serious. Look, if you guys are trying to help me decide if I'm to be good or evil...

Birdy: OR none of the above!

Sarah: Right, or even "none of the above". Maybe the way to go about it would be to have a more formal discussion. This is starting to feel like a sitcom episode during sweeps.

Phil: Lots of naughty pictures on the TV during sweeps, you know. Good for what ails ya.

Sarah: *sigh*

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