Sicko Santa - Day 1

"The Placebo"

Sicko-Santa was a new concept to many of our taste-testers ("Elves") this year, and so Sicko Santa wanted to start the newbies off with something...less challenging.

Leftover from Halloween was this "Creep-Dish Pizza".

The box issues a challenge of "Triple Dog Dare Ya To Eat..." which seems to be a nice bridge between the Halloween season and the movie "A Christmas Story". Too bad the actual food is not worthy of even a "Dare", much less the penultimate "Triple Dog Dare".

So what food challenges do our tasters face?

"Eyeball Gum" - Just gumballs with "spooky eyes" printed on them.

"Gummi Worms" - I don't think these have been scary since 1984.

"Gummi Bats" - might have been scary, but they're yellow and orange, and thus obviously just fruit flavored.

Lets see the reactions of our Elves:


Elf M: "These aren't bad at all. I'm saving an eyeball for later. "

Elf I: "I thought these things were supposed to be challenging. Not impressed, here. "

Elf L: "I love the gum! These bat things are pretty good, too."
Elf K: "Yar! "
Elf A: "No problem!"

Overall Elf Evaluation:


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