Sicko Santa - Day 21

Cheese of the Goat.

Elf M decided to contribute a second batch of Challenges into the pool. First to be shared with the group was:

Chevre Medallions of Fresh Goat Cheese

Elf J2 was already queasy just at the concept. Apparently the smell triggered memories of the farm - and the sort of filth that she had seen goats wallowing in. Would she be able to overcome her revulsion or would she end up pulling an "Elf I" and faking her turn at trying the challenge?

The package contaied enough pre-cut discs of cheese that each of the on-hand Elves could have their own portion.

Elf A: Tangy - very goat like!

Elf J2: Oh! Did you have to say that? I'm having a hard enough time here...

In the end, though, Elf J2 did try her portion, even if it did make her gag a bit. Elf M (not shown) found the taste "interesting."

Which left the big question: What would Elf I do?

She tried it...and pronounced it "Okay."

Overall Elf Evaluation:

Mmm. Tangy.

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