In 2001 or so I created a deck of tarot cards using LEGO bricks. (You can see it here.) It was a fun project, and did a pretty good job of creating a unique view of the cards. Like any other project of mine, though, it never quite felt "done."

As I saw it, there were three big problems with the "Classic Deck." The first was that it used far too many licensed properties in it. (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc.) The second was the backgrounds - rather than build "sets" out of LEGO bricks, I had resorted to using clip art background images. It worked just fine...but it wasn't the level of creativity I really wanted.

The third reason is a bit more personal. I had incorporated many friends and acquaintances into the deck (particularly in the Cups). Lets just say the years have dealt some of those people out of my hand.

It was obviously time to revisit the deck and fix those problems. My lego collection had grown considerably since my last attempt; I would be able to create a much more "Blocky" vision of the cards.

And - hey - if you know of anyone who can help me publish these cards, drop me an email! I'd love to make these a physical deck.

Currently this is an ongoing project - new cards are being added weekly! Be sure to bookmark this page and come back and visit again!

(Or go and join our forum - and talk with Chris directly about upcoming cards!)

To navigate the deck, use the cards below to jump to a particular suit, or just click the link marked "First Card" and flip your way through the entire deck! Each card is described in detail with photos of the larger LEGO constructions used in each card. It's cool!

(I'd recommend using the picture links above for now, at least until the deck fills in some more.
Otherwise you're going to see a lot of "Coming Soon" pages.)

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