LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 23

Today's Prize
Pizza Oven

The final day of the Pizza Theme - and this time we get something really unexpected - a pizza oven! I like this little set quite a bit - it's innovative, has a couple of useful post-Advent bricks, and comes with a giant oar. How can you not love a micro-set that comes with an oar? The best bit, though; the very, very best bit, is that I can retroactively work this into the story!

Now some of you might be wondering why Trevor ended up being the big baddie of the 2005 LEGO Advent Calendar. To you I say: "You obviously haven't been paying attention." Beyond the "introduce-em-and-forget-em" plot technique I used, there were several huge clues the LEGO provided directly!

First off: Let's look at the Advent Calendar box cover. The mini-figures from the calendar are all holding hands around a tree. But notice who is standing alone at the end of the line? And holding the hand of the obvious criminal?

That's right. It's Trevor. Another important clue is that the <-0-> symbol on his vest identifies him as part of the LEGO Trains theme. As my wife will attest, LEGO trains are evil. (Okay, she's just terrified that I will start filling our home with track running from room to room. But still. EVIL.) And if trains are evil, then so is Trevor.

But the biggest clue, the most blatant hint that Trevor was a henchman to the prince of darkness himself? He wears a black hat. Did none of you ever watch The Lone Ranger? The bad guys always have black hats!!!

And if that isn't enough for you, go back and re-read Trevor's introduction on Day 12. Ace the Bathound reveals he used to be a Batman Villain! You can't just take that away! Even with a thousand hours of community service. It's like a stubborn oil stain on a silk shirt - evil just doesn't come out in the wash.

But let's hear the rest of the story from Trevor himself as he gloats to the captive Officer Grumpypants, Oil, Jack, and Ace....

Trevor: It was so easy to get you all to this point! My former partner, the Man Eating Safe, had already dispatched the Axe-wielding Maniac and the Crook - my two main rivals for Holiday Mayhem. When Oil showed up and Grumpypants sent Ace and Jack off to gather evidence - well, I knew the time to strike had arrived. I mounted MES on the Mech body I had built from the previous day's discarded items, and the two of us headed off to place the most plot-pivotal Pizza Order of all time.

Trevor: Ever since I was a child, I've been terribly allergic to strawberries. That severe food allergy prompted me to learn all I could about the poisons available from Mother Nature. I knew just the right herbs to tear your insides out - I just needed a delivery system. That's where the Pizza Guy came in. We placed a delivery order using the credit cards stolen from the pockets of the Crook, and I waited until the Chef's back was turned.

Trevor: After that, it was a simple matter of adding my own special "seven herbs and seasonings" to the pizzas. Pizzas that you then ate.

Officer Grumpypants: How much of the pizza did you eat?

Oil: A lot. These villain monologues take forever! I've just been snacking on it constantly.

Officer Grumpypants: Me, too. Crap.

Jack: I wish you guys had finished it, though. Then Ace and I wouldn't be about to die, too.

Ace: Cheese blocks me up in the worst way, but I love it so.

Trevor: But enough of this! Time for The Man Eating Safe to Feed again! Oil, it's time to die!


Oil: Good-bye, Grumpypants! I will always love you!

Officer Grumpypants: Noooooooooooo!

Officer Grumpypants: Oil!!!! I will avenge you!

Officer Grumpypants: Hello. My name is Officer Grumpypants. You killed my Oil. Prepare to die.

Tune in tomorrow for the exciting, double-length conclusion to the 2005 LEGO Advent Calendar! Can you do any less?!?

Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 11
Parts to Go: -16

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