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Entry #1 - KumarStudios' Red Rover Forklift Model XJ3

The Red Rover Forklift Model XJ3 is used in the distant future for carrying moderately heavy loads.
Larger photo available here - flickr

Entry #2 - KumarStudios'
Redbird Mining Vehicle XJ2 (RMV)

Additional Photos: Flickr

Entry #3 - KumarStudios' Janitor Scene

Additional Photos: Flickr

Entry #4 - David Pickett's Deckchair

Judge's Notes:

Chris: An early entry, and still one of my favorites. It transforms the Handtruck with a minimum of parts into something completely new.


Entry #5 - Matn's Handtruck Robot

Some handtrucks fell accidently into a big batch of toxic waist. Immediatly the five handtrucks melt together and they took a living form. The handtruck robot was born. It fights against the evil industrials who dump their toxic waist everywhere, and when it hasn't to fight against criminals, it just delivers some packages.
A bigger picture can be seen here: flickr

Judge's Notes:

Player B: I liked how they used the handtrucks to make the arms and legs.

Nathan: There quite a few robots and mechs in the contest entries but I still like the first example best. The photography shows a nice sense of action.

Entry #6 - Phillip Harrison's
The handtruck pirate races

Entry #7 - graviton's SLOW DAY ON WALL STREET

Everyone deals with the stress of the economic crisis in their own way. "Hoskins -- if you stop for the frog you won't be able to find a job until the next recession!"

Link to Brickshelf

Entry #8 - Dave the Raves'
Dave's Gold Collection

Dave finds another gold brick to add to his collection.

Entry #9 - Phillip Harrison's War Zone

One man is trying to save the handtruck of life!

Entry #10 - Dragma's The American Dream

2 Movie buffs have desided they have had enough of the world situation and have gone and built the American Dream.  Who would not want a monster truck that has enough weapons to level a small country?  and with the H.A.N.D.T.R.U.C.K.* wheel guards they will be able to keep on trucking.

Cars and

More photos at: Brickshelf

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