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Most Creative Use of Handtrucks

1st Place

Entry #12 - Brian K's Motorized Radar Dish

This is a motorized radar dish that rotates, powered by a red micro motor. 8 prongs with 3 hand carts makeup the structure of the dish with red flags attached to fill in the spaces. That's a total of 24 hand carts on the radar dish. Add in a few other pieces to give it some contrast and I'm all ready to signal the massive space fleet to invade other countries!

More photos at MOCPages

AND a movie of the dish in action at YouTube

Judge's Notes:

Player A: I thought it was well built and the handtrucks blended in nicely. Very complex but used the handtrucks well.

Player B:I liked how the handtrucks were placed to make a dish-shape.

Nathan: I was fortunate enough to actually see this one in action at the last TwinLUG meeting. It's too bad more people don't make use of motors in their models.

Chris: A strong contender - I doubt anyone had seen handtrucks in quite this way before.


2nd Place - 3 way tie

Entry #11 - George Fox's Hand-Truck-Truck
Entry #20 - Rook's Hand Truck Monster
Entry #21 - Tavernello's

Most Nifty Use of Handtrucks

1st Place

Entry #24 - Nate G's Red Legend

Dragons are just fairy tales... right? It might be hard to see, but 2 handtrucks were used for the jaws.

More photos: Flickr

Judge's Notes:

Player A: The dragon was well built and I loved the idea of using the handtruck as his mouth.

Player B: I like dragons.

Nathan: The overall model is really gorgeous but was very slightly disappointed at the small number of hand trucks.

Chris: Nicely done. But it could have used more Handtrucks.


2nd Place

Entry #12 - Brian K's Motorized Radar Dish

3rd Place- Three Way Tie

Entry #4 - David Pickett's Deckchair
Entry #21 - Tavernello's
Entry #35 - graviton's SOLAR FREIGHTER


Most Plentiful Use of Handtrucks

1st Place - 27 Handtrucks

Entry #38 - Mac Reddin's Handtruck Fence System

After the zombie war, there was virtually no raw materials left, so Doctor H. invented the Handtruck Fence System. It is a modular fence system made from old handtrucks.

This system uses 27 handtrucks.

Judge's Notes:

Player A: I thought this was a creative way of using handtrucks without adding them to an existing build

Player B:I just thought it was a really creative idea and use of handtrucks.

Nathan: But how do you get the horses out? :-P

Chris: Simplistic, yet completely focused on the essence of the Handtruck. Easily extensible to force a win on quantity.


2nd Place - 24 Handtrucks

Entry #12 - Brian K's Motorized Radar Dish

3rd Place - 12 Handtrucks

Entry #35 - graviton's SOLAR FREIGHTER

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