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Entry #1

Pit Stop

Team Arachnophobias Cross wing streaker is powered by a Torbeth Fusion generator and held aloft by a Shovelever type antigravity field, with a pair of Daggar repulsor spines to distribute the effects.  The racer can be modified for both human and spider use.

Scene shows pit stop crew working to convert the rider for a change in driver, whilst other mainanace occurs.

Other pics:

Entry #2
By: Trey

The Great Horse Race
It was fun to build. if you look carefully on one of the racers, you can see a chrome finnish pipe that i think adds a nice touch.  you can notice also the crowd of animals under the commentators box. 


Entry #3
By: ebil


The Golden Parrot Racer crosses the finish line first!  The Devil Imp is close behind, but still loses, much to the dismay of the Shadowstrike team, (Back right) and to the joy of team Gold (Closer right).  Media coverage is instant with a reporter and cameraman (Closer Left).


See more cool stuff at http://www.geocities.com/yadinandyanay or at my photostream.

Entry #4
By: Ebil

The starting line!

After its 1 second loss to team gold, team black fails to muster as many fans as team red to the first of the four finals races.  Team red uses a genetically enhanced lobster while team black uses a scorpion.  Human team members give last minute advice to each animal before they enter the cave and fans cheer wildly.  Betting machine is in the closer right corner and bets are favoring team red 15-1.


To see more cool stuff go to http://www.geocities.com/yadinandyanay or my photostream.

Entry #5
By: Ebil


This pilot has fallen prey to one of the greatest dangers of cave racing: hanging off the back while going about 300 MPH!  Now ants feed on his dead carcass- but one decides to try out the racer for themselves...


To see more cool stuff go to http://www.geocities.com/yadinandyanay or my photostream.

Entry #6
by: Kile

The Raven

Pilot: Paul the Crab
Class: Speed

The Raven is a Cave Racer built for speed, what it lacks in offence, it makes up for in defense. Able to dodge almost any attack, it is a fearsome foe to come into contact with. Paul is an experiment created by Dr. Matthew, who is specialized in animals, he creates humans out of animals, he tried out motor skill with Paul. (Also, having a few buck isn't so bad)

(Check for guest stars :D)

Entry #7
by: Adam Boyce

Caver Grand Prix

Photos and more at:


Entry #8
By: polywen

Frogs Cheat

In the Grand Chasm Race of '64, Renaldo Greyfrog piloting the White
Swallow infamously used illegal blasters hidden in his intake
manifolds to shoot down Ahmed Apupi's Blue Nirvana racer on the 46th
turn. Apupi suffered nearly fatal injuries. As a result, animal
racers were excluded from mainstream cave racing which in turn
resulted in the creation of the Animal Cave Racing League. To this
day, frogs still cheat.

Link: http://flickr.com/photos/artpoly/2536853542/

Entry #9
by: SlyOwl

Jungle Cave Race

Other Photos:

Main picture

Cave racers

Entry #10
By: Silent-Sigfig

Cave race in the ice caverns.

Gallery: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/59422

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