Nite-Owl's Owlship
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The exterior of the Owlship has a few play features - opening hatches. On either side of the ship is a mini-figure sized exit.

The hatch opens upwards like the movie version - there's also an attachable ramp for easy access to burning buildings or just the ground.

(Click for larger versions)

Version Three also has opening hatches...

The roof of the Owlship has a removable hatch, just like in the comic.

(Click for larger view)

This hatch is just behind an anchor point...

...where you can attach a control stick...

...and even a very lame custom Nite-Owl mini.

(If you think my Nite-Owl is lame, you should see my quick attempt at a Comedian. *shudder*) \

Version Three has the connection point for the control on the roof, but I had to lose the hatch due to there no longer being a gap between the "ribs" bricks to build the hole around.

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