Although the big version of Serenity is probably never going to be broken down to make a parts list or building instructions, there's no need to fret. In answer to the dozens of emails I've gotten requesting a way to have their own LEGO-ized Serenity, I've designed another version - at a much more workable scale for mass-production. I lovingly nick-named this version "Snack Sized."

About 9" in length, this version of Serenity is much more "Swooshable" as well. I mean...just look!

And the best part....the absolutely mind-numbingly best part? You can make one for yourself!

Previous to this creation, I've had zero luck using the various LEGO CAD programs. But I gave them one more try for Snack Size - and the end result isn't that bad. Nowhere near the skill level I've seen others at, of course, but passable.

And by converting the real-world model into the realm of the computer - I could now generate part lists, even building instructions! And both are just a couple of clicks away. FREE! Because I love each and every one of you. (See link below)

A few months after the initial unveiling, and incorporating suggestions I'd received from fellow builders, I created the "Stabilized Snack Size" version of this model.

The main changes were in terms of the way the wings and engines were braced - now they were "fully functional" and play-ready, rather than being more of a display feature. I also tweaked the appearance on the engines and firefly drive a bit.

You can download the instructions for the Stabilized kit as well...just follow the links!


So...where would you like to go from here?

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