Snack-Sized Serenity
Photos and Information - PART TWO

Okay - I'm sure a few of you snuck in here anyway, but if parts of the movie are ruined for you, so be it.

One of the first things I needed to confirm was that I was able to reproduce the design for Snack-Sized Serenity - another "Well, I built it, and you can see photos, but that's it." project wasn't my goal. Luckily I had enough parts on hand to build a second version. Of course, I couldn't just build a clone of Serenity. Where would the fun be in that?

So...can you spot the subtle differences between the two models?

No? How about from the rear, then?

Yes, "just because I could" - I made the Reaver-ized Serenity.

Other than a color change on a few of the parts from light-grey to dark-grey or red, the basic ship is the same. Well, except for the engines. I messed them up a bit by design.

But new are the spikes, and grunge, and the giant cannon mounted on Serenity's roof.

I also noticed in the film that they had welded open one of the vanes on the firefly drive - here's my take on that modification:

Next, here's a shot of the imbalance that they added to the Firefly drive - gotta love those trans-orange bricks.

Finally, an action shot of the rotating engines.

My only regret is that I couldn't string some corpses along the nose. Ah well - one does what one can.

The best part, though? Since she's made of LEGO brick, converting "Reaver-ized Serenity" back to her old self is a lot less traumatic than shown in the film.


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