Bad Day


1st Place

Also: Special Judge's Award

Roguebantha's A sad day

My disaster isn't he biggest but it may be the saddest. The 200 year old chestnut tree behind Cafe Corner and beloved by generations of children has been struck by lightening! Will it survive?!

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2nd Place

Polywen's It came from BELOW!!!

When the police and fire department were called to the Hastings Building on 4th and Main, the last thing they expected to find was the horror of what came from BELOW!!!

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3rd Place

Octan HQ is burning!

A fire has broken out on the upper floors of the Octan corporate headquarters. An accident? Enviromental terrorism? No one is sure but the Micropolis Fire Department is on the scene with their new ladder truck!

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4th Place

Dragma's Tsunami bad day

It was a fine day at the sea side revolving restaurant, until the tsunami sends a cargo ship to wreck their day

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5th Place

Giant Mecha troubles

Where are the superheroes when you need them.

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6th Place

Brian Kasprzyk's
EL train wreck in the City

No city can call itself a city without trains to get you around. But this day, not so good, the elevated track has collapsed and crashed into a stanchion. Looks like it's going to take a while to get through this intersection...

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7th Place (Tie)

eti's Evilcorp needs more office buildings.

It is a bad day for Micropolis indeed. Yet another block of historic houses is going because Evilcorp needs more office buildings.

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7th Place (Tie)

dr-stupid's Micropolis Vulcano

After years of harmony and peace, the day has finally come... the Volcano from Micropolis Park erupted!!! Everyone is running for their lives... Who will save the day? :)

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9th Place

D.M. Jeftinija Ph.D./Dr. Legostar's
Eldritch Horrors

On the corner of Hewlet and Howl,
Stood a mansion in appearance most foul,
When the new owner arrived,
He found a book not for human eyes,
And the results have caused the Eldritch to prowl.

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10th Place

A BAD Day at the Park
(CIS Invasion)

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Honorable Mentions
(In No Particular Order)

Brick Alchemist's Alien Attack

It came from outers space to destroy all of Micropolis...

More Photos: Flickr

Whiskey, After School

I had to; I couldn't resist. Whiskey seems like the kind of person to become a giant and smash things. Especially when drunk. The yellow thing on fire was a plane.

Rock Monsters' Revenge

The Power Miners had no idea that the Rock Monsters they had been terrorizing for crystals could get so big! The Rock Monsters have finally had enough and are hitting the Power Miners at their above ground base of operations for everyone to see.

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Mookage's Big-Head Rex versus the Lava Scorpion : Smackdown Downtown

I've always loved monster movies. When I was a kid there was a season of creature features on saturday afternoon TV. I watched "The Beast from 20,000 fathoms" and was hooked. Jaws, Jurassic, anthing like that I love. This is a big-headed T-rex Vs the Scorpion from the volcanic cavern. Unfortunately they meet up downtown. Watch them destroy 3 city blocks in the battle for supremacy.

Additional photos on Brickshelf

King Alan II's
Bionicle vs. Office Building 2: THE REVENGE

Another boring day at the office until- OH NO! GIANT BIONICLE ATTACK!

Ian Healy's Cthulu Released

A semi-truck careened into an innocuous-looking science lab and caused the accidental release of the Great God Cthulu.

More at Photobucket

Patrick Healy's
Giant Alien Skatepark Terror

It's a giant alien going after skaters.

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Guy Herbert's

Alien attack at the cinema! Aliens attack cinema showing the (slanderous) film 'Aliens', An alien spokesperson apologized for the attack but said that "Aliens have feelings too!"

Jackie B's
Spiders from the Underground!

If it isn't signal failure or overrunning engineering works ******ing up your daily commute, it's giant orange spiders erupting out of the Tube station to run amok in the city. (Note: for Tube also read Metro, Underground, Subway, U-Bahn, etc)

Fire-Bombing Cities for Dummies

Never ever let an idiot into a livefire training excercise near a populated area

More at MOCPages

Liam and Jack's
Giant Robot Attack!!!!

A non-competing entry from the sons of Paul Kiehne



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