Basic Modules


1st Place

Vito's Twin Tower Hotel

A bunch of window washers doing the tough job of cleaning the decades-old Twin Tower Hotel's exterior


2nd Place

Hank's Junkyard

Old Hank runs the only junkyard in town, full of precarious stacks of rusting cars and old tires. He tows hulks from all over the city.

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3rd Place

Ian Healy's
Foil In The Microwave

The Mythbusters said it wasn't dangerous. THEY WERE WRONG

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4th Place

Garth Danielson's
Modular Towers

These 2000 and 3000 square foot apartments are some of the most expensive in Micropolis.

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5th Place

Micropolis museum of modern art

Honorable Mentions
(in no particular order)

Brick Alchemist's Vacant Lot

Yes, it's a vacant lot. And yes, there is nothing in it.  But, notice how good nothing can look...

More Photos: Flickr

Nioco's StarckWood Hotel

Let's say this building is a kind of "White collars villains" Head Quarter

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Danson Delta-40's
Gas Station/Car Wash

This is a gas station with a mini-mart and car wash. The car wash is the taller building.

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Schirling Water Treatment Plant

The Schirling Water Treatment Plant provides the not-so-glamorous-but-oh-so-necessary service of sewage and wastewater treatment to the citizens of Micropolis.

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Champion Tower

An upscale apartment complex or the secret headquarters of a legion of crimefighters? You decide.

FutureTown: Police Station

chatpin31's pouss residence

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Micropolis City Hospital

Where would Micropolis be without a City Hospital...

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Basic Modules


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