1st Place

FutureTown: Repair Shop and Landing Port



2nd Place

Tornado through a trailer park

This is a tornado that is going through one of MICROPOLIS's down trodden trailer parks.

Whoops it broke a water main, that will cost some money to fix

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3rd Place

Micropolis goes green!

In the spirit of Earth Day, Micropolis has begun moving away from fossil fuels and is working on harnessing renewable energy. These new wind turbines are a big step in the right direction!

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4th Place

Wheatley Scrap Metal Co.

The Wheatley Scrap Metal Co. processes and resells scrap metals. Everyone loves a metal recycler!

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5th Place


Earth Defense Grid Outpost 55

After the interplanetary pirate space war the leaders of the Earth relized they needed a better defense form interplanetary pwnage. Earth set up a number of these defense gird outposts around the globe prepared to defend the planet from cosmic boogeymen and galactic n00bs. This outpost may look like normal building but during an invasion they are more than meets the eye. Outpost 55 is equiped with a standard proton beam laser that can knock a space ninja juggernaut battlecrusier out of the sky faster than you can dish out the lolz. This outpost also features a ground-to-air missle launch pad useful for taking out space zombie starfighters.

ZOMG it tranforms!:Brickshelf

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6th Place

Brick Alchemist's
Sharp Contrast

Dark Tower Versus Friendly Condominiums

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