1st Place

Brian Kasprzyk's
Empire State Building / Independence Day

A recreation from the movie Independence Day where we thought they were 'friendly' and they blew up the city. This is the Empire State Building. It is a 102 story building. I have about 45 floors built, so this would have to be twice as high (around 160 bricks tall) to be to scale for the Micropolis: 1 brick = 9'

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2nd Place

The Micropolis City Zoo

No decent-sized town is complete without a zoo! Visitors can see monkeys, polar bears, giraffes and more! Or visit the reptile house! Fun for the entire family!

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3rd Place

Brick Alchemist's
Micropolis University

Committed to the higher education of all Micropolis citizens.

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4th place

Dragma's Brick Acres

A nice little neighborhood for all the micolings, nothing bad could happen here especially since it is built on the ruins of the old trailer park, tornados don't strike twice now, do they?

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5th place

Tom Anderson's Inferno Tower

After the Exo-Force declared bankruptcy, Dr. Inferno acquired their assets at fire-sale prices. Scavenging what he could from the Sentai Fortress, Inferno constucted this headquarters building for his Micropolis operations.

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6th place

FutureTown: A Day at the Park

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