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Entry #11
By: Derek

Issac Newton

Issac Newton developed his theory of gravity after seeing (or possibly being hit on the head by) an apple falling from a tree. The vignette depicts Newton holding the apple and pondering his discovery. Link to wikipedia article.

Graviton:Great tree!


Entry #12
Dawn Bleyle

Dresden's Laboratory

Harry Dresden at work in his basement laboratory.  Harry is Chicago's only resident wizard private investigator.   Keeping him company are Bob the Skull, (who lives vicariously through the romance novels that Harry provides him with), and Lasciel's Shadow, (a fallen angel bound to a denarii now in Harry's possession).   The Dresden Files are written by Jim Butcher.

Link to flickr photo set... Flickr

Entry #13
By: Azaghal G.

Mythbusters: Shooting the Gas Tank

Special-effects expert and amatuer scientist Adam Savage tests the Hollywood cliche of the exploding gas tank.

Additional Photos: Flickr

Entry #14
By: Rook

Dr. Ivan Pavlov

Graviton:Sweet solution for the bell!


Entry #15
By: Joonce

Dr. Gaius Baltar

Dr. Gaius Baltar talks to Number Six and contemplates whether she is the result of a Cylon chip implanted in his brain, or just a figment of his imagination. Meanwhile Baltar's computer is testing a blood sample of Ellen Tigh...


Graviton:Great capture of the characters in fig form!

Chris: Nice seated figure - and great likeness on Baltar!


Entry #16
By: legostargalactica

Dr. Victor Fries

Known more as Mr. Freeze, Dr. Victor Fries is seen here with his wife, Nora, who he keeps frozen until he can determine a way to cure her. His obsession ultimately leading him to a life of crime.

All additional pictures for all models can be found at

Graviton:Great rendition in a compact space!

Chris:Ah, Victor as he should be scripted. Much, much better than "Everahbahdy, Fhreeeze!"



Entry #17
By: rgurskey

Resurrection Day

Based on a scene in the story Resurrection Day, Doc Savage, know as the Man of Bronze, attempts to revive the mummified remains of King Solomon.

Link to other photos (after moderated):  Brickshelf

Graviton:Love the light fixture.

Chris: I like the glass wall.


Entry #18
By: Ean H.

Theoretical Physics

Theoretical physicist Moog attempts to create fire in a carefully controlled lab environment.

I submit that this is recognizable to anyone familiar with the many Far Side cartoons involving cavemen.

More Images: Brickshelf

Graviton:Moog bang rocks! The dawn of science!

Chris: I think Moog should have his own entry on Wikipedia. This is a really keen vig!


Entry #19
By: Zacknut

Chris Doyle

He may not be a "scientist" per say, but his degree says so! Well, kinda.

Included in the shot is an itty-bitty Brick House, complete with a hot tub!

Link- More pics at Flickr

Graviton:Poor Chris lives in Cubeville...

Chris: Should I be concerned that I lack a face? The micro-micro Brickhouse is a nice touch.


Entry #20
By: Nightmare

Bat Trap

From Batman: The Animated Series episode titled 'Pretty Poison' Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, is a genius botanist and chemist, using her skills to exact revenge against all that would cause harm to any and all plants.

Build approx. 96 pieces

Photo Slideshow

Graviton:Love the capture of action with Batman!


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