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Entry #1
By: Flynn

Here's the classic scene from Back to the Future with Doctor Emmett Brown testing out his remote controlled Delorean Time Machine with his freind Marty Mcfly. Doc Brown was truly one of the great fictional time travelling scientists of our time.

RIP 1985...Or 1905...Or not at all...

Here's a link to the gallery:

Entry #2
By: takua-777

gordon freeman
gordon freeman from the half life series fighting a poison headcrab. above him on an unreachable walkway is the G-man. done at miniland scale due to the shortage of decent minifig parts in LDD, I would have liked to have made the poison headcrab less bulky and the colours more accurate on everything, but I couldn't due to ldd.

link: Brickshelf

Entry #3
By: Bobofrutx

"Nicola Tesla and Alternating Current"

My work presents great inventor Nicola Tesla and his machine which creates high voltage alternating current.

More photos: Brickshelf

Entry #4
By: 11numb

Dr. Horrible

A scene from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", we see the Doctor showing off his finished "Freeze Ray" while recording his video blog.

Additional Photos: Flickr


Entry #5
By: Lt. de Martinet

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Flickr set: Flickr

Graviton:Love Hyde holding the E!


Entry #6
By: TK1420

Dr. Bakker On A Dig
The first photo is a depiction of legendary paleontologist Dr. Robert Bakker on a dig for ancient animal bones. Yes- that is a horse skeleton, which one wouldn't normally expect a dinosaur expert to be digging for, but Dr. Bakker told me that he actually has dug up horses, so the photo is accurate.
That's right... Dr. Bakker told me- in person and everything (his office is down the hall from mine at the museum where I work).
Which brings us to the second picture, where the model is photographed with the actual scientist it depicts!
It was fun to get Dr. Bakker's involvement. Dr. Bakker was able to choose between the Indy Fedora or the gray cowboy hat. He did ask that I find a snake for the model since he has also spent some time as a Pentecostal preacher; however, the only snake I have is not an actual Lego product and, although many would say that Dr. Bakker is a bit mad, I don't get the sense that it is the sort of 'mad' the contest is looking for. The snake picture can be seen in the Photobucket album linked below.
Special thanks to Dr. Bakker for his participation.
More photos of the models I have made for Brick Science are posted in my photobucket album here:

Graviton:The real Bakker!

Chris: You have to love the photo of the scientist holding his own LEGO effigy. You just have to.


Entry #7
Kaptain Kobold

Charles Darwin On The Galapagos Islands

This vignette shows Charles Darwin studying a giant tortoise on the Galapagos Islands. He visited the islands in 1835 during his time on HMS Beagle. His account of what he found there can be found here.

The vignette uses a false perspective to show HMS Beagle as well.

Additional Photos:Flickr

Graviton:Nice brick built turtle. LOVE the perspective on the Beagle.

Chris: The perspective trick is very, very cool.

Entry #8
By: Lord Pappadhum


"Eureka!" (greek for "I have found it") is most
famously attributed to the Greek mathematician, engineer and philosopher Archimedes (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC): while stepping into the bath, he noticed that the water level rose - he therefore understood that the volume of water displaced was equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged. This implied the possibility to calculate with precision the volume of irregular objects, a previously impossible problem.

Archimedes is said to have been so excited about his newfound principle that he leapt out of his bathtub and ran
through the streets of Syracuse naked.

More on "Eureka" and Archimedes' other contributions to science can be found at and (from which the above are taken almost word by word) - be sure to check out Archimedes' famous last words: "noli tangere circulos meos!".

More Photos on: Flickr

Graviton:Really nice vig.

Chris: Classy, yet naked. Nice.


Entry #9
By: Kaczor

Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev, famous Russian chemist with his periodic table of elements.

additional photos: Brickshelf

Graviton:Love that periodic table

Entry #10
By: Ebil

Dr. Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein hides from his monster in a graveyard. Good thing the monster didn't have much of a brain...

Photos: Flickr

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