The Judges:

As in the past, Judges will be recruited at the last minute from folks Master Control knows in real life. There will be four of them.

(EDIT: Four judges were indeed asked to fill out spreadsheets. In the end, however, there could be only ONE. Mainly due to the fact I only got one spreadsheet back after a month of nagging.)

The Prize:

The winner will be sent four X-Pod sets: Aero, Robo, Auto, and Dino.
The Entries:

Watch this space to see a summary of the contest entries as they're submitted! Click on the images to be taken to each summary.

BLUE NUMBER: Judge's Ranking

Small number following the blue one: Chris' Choice Ranking


Since this was just a "Challenge" rather than a full-blown competition, and because I had real trouble getting anyone to return their judgement spreadsheets, in the end the winners were decided by my wife, Jennifer. It was a tough challenge for me not to sit over her shoulder and point out things she was either missing (or just plain wrong about in my eyes), but in the end her list was pretty close to my own rankings.

The winner?

Disc Game by Jordan Anthony Cross 

Taking second AND third place was Dene Quest for his awesome mini-figure scaled Recognizer and Black-light active Mini-figures. He took home the (unannounced)
Chris' Choice award for Entries that Probably Should Have Won But Didn't.

Scroll down to take a look at all the great entries!



Greetings, Programs!

Your challenge is to build a LEGO creation to showcase the vehicles, stars, or environment of one the best films to come out of the year 1982...


Choose whatever suits your fancy - a lightcycle, a Recognizer, those cool streamlined tanks - or try and customize a mini-figure into Tron himself. It's all up to you. Use whichever LEGO bricks you want (but they have to be LEGO parts! No MegaBlok nonsense. You can build in LCAD if you want/need to) - but be aware that entries will be judged on the following criteria:


Resemblance to something in the film
Did you just build something and send it in? Or did you actually watch the movie?


Did you include any cool action features?


Master Control
Does your model have the stylish swagger that says "End of Line"?

Evening Gown Competition

How to enter:

You can either join the forums (if you not already a member) and post your entry into the TRON CHALLENGE topic, or you can email photos to Master Control and I'll take care of posting things for you.

Enter as often as you like, international entries are welcome!


Do hurry, though, as this Challenge ends at midnight on September 3rd! (Labor Day in the US)

4 n/a

13 11
14 n/a
11 8
8 4
12 9
19 n/a
10 13
16 12
18 10
6 n/a
1 3
7 7
15 14
2 2
3 1
5 9
9 6
17 5



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