Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's Old Is New Again: Bootleg Reviews Back On-Line

Feel like taking a trip down memory lane? At the request of a long-time reader, I found a copy of the old Island of Bootleg Toys site in my archives and have resurrected the Bootleg Toy Photo-reviews.

This content is over a decade old in places (circa 1995-2000 or so) so a lot of the links to external sites and whatnot are obviously not going to work. Other than applying the main template to the review pages I haven't done any editing - this is the content as it existed long ago. The navigation is frame-based, so returning from the archive may mess up things. (For now, I have it open in a new window; just close that one when you're done.) I'll fix things with the next template upgrade, but honestly I'm not in a huge rush.

Anyway, it's 20+meg of "new, if old" content for you to waste your time with. Enjoy.

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