LEGO Steampunk in 50 Bricks or Less

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This page showcases the entries that were either submitted too late, or without necessary part listings, or withdrawn by their creators. They're all still fine work, and deserving of a spotlight here inthe Steampunk Contest. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

By Rowan

By: ArielJ

Mobile Missile Platform (MMP)


By: ArielJ
The Fabulous Flying Thing

By: ArielJ
When Themes Collide (AKA Pohatu on steam)

By: ArielJ
Imperial Army Landing Ship

By: ArielJ
Transformer in the 1800's

By: Yellost
Flying Backpack

By: Takua777
Steam Suit

By: Takua777
Steam Chair

By: Rock Mellon

By: Rock Mellon

mr. mystery's amazing flying contraption

By:Geoffrey H.
Sample Entry


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