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Entry #0 (A Non-Competing Sample Entry)
By: Chris Doyle

Late 1980's Romantic Comedy Armor

When faced with the "Boy Loses Girl" stage of a late 1980's Romantic Comedy, Tony Stark takes a cue from Lloyd Dobbler and builds the Romantic Comedy Armor.

Complete with a mix tape featuring Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", this robotic exoskeleton provides the user with exceptional strength and endurance for holding a heavy boom-box over the user's head while serenading your lost love.

(The armor is based on a build I saw on Brickshelf years ago. It's sat on my shelf, collecting dust, until this moment of glory.)

For more photos and details, check out this link.



Entry #1
By: joseph gonzalez

vulcan armor

Armor particular to volcano-jumping missions. Designed specifically to withstand extreme heat for extended periods of time. (Sorry I couldn't getmore of a 'shell-head' shape out of the pieces.)

Not pictured: really bigextinguisher apparatus. This model can be made using parts from the 8111 River Dragon and 8112 Arachnoid Stalker sets.

Page link: http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Glade/9007/multi/vulcan.htm
side note: Instruction pages should be viewable after 4/9/08

Entry #2
By: Elliot Folan

Nuclear Bomb Survivor armour

Confronted with the possibility of Nuclear war in the 1960s, Tony Stark prepares for Armageddon and builds the Nuclear Bomb Survivor armour.

Link to website: www.chaotic-good.co.uk


Entry #3
By: Semibrick

JAWS suit

semibrick here with my pumping iron contest.the image is low quality here because it was taken on my webcam.

The classic 1975 thriller is back for iron man!that's right,its the JAWS SUIT!The new white suit has air controls and shoulder protectors. The air tank on iron man's back is not for extra air,but for killing the shark!HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN JAWS?the suit is part raft,with rifle and harpoon,just like Roy Schieder's weapons in the end of JAWS.
(Den deh den deh!)


Entry #4
By: Jake Isola

Postal Armor

Iron Man is chasing down the Mail Man To send his maker a birthday card because he forgot it was his birthday. But the letter doesn't go through because he didn't know he had to put a stamp on it.


Entry #5
By: Jake Isola

robotized Iron Man

This is a robotized Iron Man running away from a bunch of Mercedes in a forest. His arms and hands move side to side and up and down. His legs do the same.

Entry #6
By: Lewis Gladwell (A.K.A. 40k on most forums that I visit)

MK. 3 Titankiller armour

I have no clue of anything to do with Iron Man, so I'll just base it on what I know from when I watched the TV series all those years ago.
The MK. 3 Titankiller armour is designed for handling large foes, such as the Hulk, or rampaging Dinosaurs or Robots. It is equipped with a large energy sword for beating down or beheading those beasts! The minifigure I included (see Gallery/Folder) is meant to be an older version of Tony Stark, or something...



Entry #7
By: Dave the Rave

Great Iron Wall

For a description, read the comic.

Flikr page:




Entry #8
By: LuxorV

Bufalo Armor

This armor was developed to accomplish heavy duty missions, when sheer power is required. It features a reinforced chest plate, stronger arms and legs, and bigger feet which grant more stability. Due to its durability and great power, this armor is well suited for combat agains multiple opponents, or to come through traffic jams.

Gallery : http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=312877

Entry #9
By: LuxorV

Iron Cook Armor

Based on the Bufalo Armor, this version was developed by Tony Starks on a Sunday afternoon, after the end of a very crowded garden party. Tony decided he needed a new tool to perform the hard task of cooking for all of his friends. It features a special Grill chest-beam, a modified left manipulator (with knife, palette-knife, and mustard dispenser), and a pan (instead of the standard right manipulator).

Gallery : http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=312878


Entry #10
By: LuxorV

Plasma Armor

This armor is designed to perform missions in under high enviromental radioactivity conditions. Along with a better shielding, it features energy absorbers mounted on the arms (those big disks on the forarms), a special anti-radiation lead-glass to protect the helmet, posterior power connector cables to convoy the extra energy absorbed to the power cells in the legs, and anti-mag shoes. The Plasma Armor has been used several times to stop dangerous leaks in nuclear implants.

Gallery : http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=312879

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