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When it came to making estimates on scale, the image at left was a big help. Although some of the details don't match up with the other "site plan" images (Note the lack of space around the hall - suddenly the city is right next door rather than being held off by a huge park of landscaping.) it's a great "head on" view. I probably studied that image closer than any geek has in recent memory - I had it cut apart in Photoshop to find approximate distances - I filled an Excel spreadsheet with arcane calculations as to stud-width versus tower-width.

Of note in this image are the carvings on those side towers - they'd show up in the cartoon about 1/3 of the time. I may make some stickers to apply to my Hall at some point to match up with them - mocking up those shapes in LEGO brick isn't possible at this time. (Not at the scale I'm working at, anyway.)

This image also hints at scale - notice the size of the windows in the buildings just to the left and behind the Hall. Unless those are massively huge windows, my estimate of "door under the crossbeam" continues to match up. If anything, those background windows make the Hall even smaller than my estimates.

Above is a side-by-side comparison of the cartoon version of the Hall and the LEGO-ized one. The extreme angle on the cartoon shot at left makes me feel a bit better about the arch in my version. The very tall trees seen in the top cartoon shot are back in this side-angle - compare them to the round trees in the shots on the last page. The landscapers at the Hall of Justice never sleep.

We'll end this page with one more shot of my version, from a slightly different angle. As you can see, I didn't do much with the landscaping on this side - I was out of room and out of parts. Notice, however, my excellent taste in games as evidenced in the background.

Oh, and if you click on the pictures of the LEGO-ized Hall, you'll get a window with a larger view for you detail hounds.

More photos ahead....

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