Building the

Continuing the tour, we come to the side of the house. (You can click on the picture at right for a larger view) . Around the building we see how the landscaping sort of abruptly ends at the turn of the corner. This is mainly due to the base plate the house is sitting on ending two studs away from the base of the wall - not enough room to do much detailing. When the neighbor's house is built I'm sure I'll have something better here - but then the neighbor's house will be in the way and you won't really get a good view anyway.

You'll notice no window on the top floor on this side of the house. This was due to the interior layout of the third floor - as you'll see it's divided in half right down the middle - and adding two smaller windows on either side of the wall made this side of this house look a lot like a face. Too much like a face for my taste, anyway. (Just picture two "eyes" on the 3rd floor, a nose in the middle and a toothy grin on floor one. Bleh!)

If you look closely at the foundation you'll see a couple of block-glass windows looking into the basement (well, where the basement would be if it weren't sitting on a base plate and all.) These are modeled after the basement windows on my own house.

This side view does give a nice shot of the interior details, including a look at the kitchen and lunch counter - and a shot of the tub in the bathroom on the second floor.

I really should make some curtains for these guys at some point.

Turning the corner to the back of the house, you get this little voyeuristic look:

Note the continued abrupt end of base plate, the small gas and water meters, and the shot of the kitchen through the window on the 1st floor, and of the hallway on the 2nd.

One more turn takes us to the final side of the building. The base plate shortage continues, but at least on this side I was able to contain the landscaping. (You can click on the image for a larger view if you'd like.)

Once again the windows give us a sneak peek at the interior - you can see the TV and Reading areas on the first floor and a bit of the master bedroom on the 2nd. The real charm, though, is up on three with its balcony, hot tub, and telescope. We'll brag on those a bit more once we make it to the third floor.

In this shot you can also make out the radar dish up on the roof - a hint that perhaps this house has a bit of technology associated with it. (Or maybe they just have satellite TV.)

There's one final exterior detail to mention. The roof has an access hatch to gain entry to the third floor's bedroom. It's got a nice little coded lock to control access - because you never know when someone will be landing on the roof and need to get inside.

You can almost make out the ladder leading down to the floor in the corner there.

Anyway - shall we go inside?

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