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Another, slightly shorter, break in the building process, and then things were coming into the home stretch. It was at this point that I rebuilt the "Touched by his Noodly Appendage" mural for true two-sided viewing. You can see the new mural in the wall in the picture below, with the original version of the mural resting against the front wall.

Some of the other progress included the completion of the second bubble-window in the rear and the finishing of the VIP seating area.

To the left you can see the first version of the "Midget" statue - the all black look was rather sleek, but very hard to make out. It was later replaced with the tan/sandstone colored version.

From this angle you can see the control surfaces available to the preacher - the scroll in the middle was replaced with something a bit more "nautical" after I picked up one of the Harry Potter boat sets. The preacher mini-figure is almost in final dress - he's just lacking his hat. You can also make out the tiling on the floor of the VIP area simulating the waves the lectern/boat is moving through.

The mast directly behind the pulpit stretches up through the level of the roof - this is the mount for the rotating FSM figure.

One last bit of detailing in the VIP area - the dressing rooms for the preacher and strippers. Originally I thought these might be restrooms, but I realized that there wasn't much point in putting in a wheelchair accessible door if I wasn't going to make the restrooms accessible, too. By changing these doors to "dressing room access" I also solved the problem of where church officials could have office space.

Of course, I didn't build any of the restroom or dressing rooms - these are just doors that open onto a brick wall. Since there was no way to access the space beyond the door frame there was nowhere to put things anyway.

In the pages of "Things that might have been added if I had more room", here's a mockup of the Beer Volcano that I had planned to put into the atrium. I had envisioned a sort of "open to the public" fountain with plenty of glasses nearby - a sort of "do it yourself" party pit. Once I had worked out the final seating areas, though, there was no where left to install it. So it just goes into the "things for the Cathedral" pile.

Also not the Fabuland Cow figure is passed out on the floor. Luckily I hadn't built the wheelchair lift yet - otherwise the dinosaur would have been enjoying a beefy lunch.

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