Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Guided Tour

Welcome to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! Let me show you around the place...

We'll start off on the East side of the building - imagine that we're walking up from the parking lot - which we would be, if Chris hadn't run out of room and base plates. The first thing you'll notice is the large "Touched By His Noodly Appendage" mural on the wall of the church. Other than a few blue flowers in the corner there isn't much landscaping to get in the way of our enjoyment of this bit of artwork.


Following along the walkway, we come to the "Wheelchair Accessible" entrance to the church. I've arranged for Dr. Strangelove to demonstrate the lift for us...

Here we see the good doctor rolling onto the lift platform which is level with the walkway. The call buttons to the right bring the lift down from the doorway if necessary. The lift controls are just to the Doctor's right.

Here's the lift in operation....going up!

And now the Good Doctor can wheel directly into the church itself. There is a call button on the inside wall to bring the lift back up for speedy exits.

We'll stick to the walkway, though, and explore the rest of the exterior of the building. The rest of the east wall is taken up by the "Today's Sermon" sign - looks like we're in for a talk about Pirates and Global Warming!

In the Southeast corner of the lot is the Pirate Flag of the church - and the path leads onwards to the front facade of the church.

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