The Weapons

The Falcon just wouldn't be the Falcon without the ability to kick some butt in a fight. Although the "stock" model doesn't have any built-in weapons, I had to work up some options for those runs on the Death Steam-Star's trenches...

The challenge was building a weapon that Steampunk in function - the traditional blasters were right out. In the end I developed three options - a traditional projectile cannon, a steam cannon, and a STEAM CANNON.

The Projectile Cannon:

This is, essentially, just a gussied up version of the spring-loaded projectile launcher that LEGO had been using for the past three or four years. I added some gearing and a working lift arm, but beyond that it's pretty much "right out of the parts bin."

The bottom flange mounts easily to any of the railing around the ship, as show here.


Alternatively, you can just place the cannon on the front wedge.

Steam Cannon:

This second option required a bit of design work...

Since steam is all-powerful in the Steampunk universe, it only made sense to create a gun that uses powerful balls of compressed steam as a projectile. The idea is that it uses the "dirty" steam after being passed through a piston so there's enough particulate matter (lubricant/grit/etc) to cause some real problems for the target, beyond just the concussion of the steam itself. To illustrate that you have to plug this gun in to the Falcon's steam system via the attached hose.

In these photos Han demonstrates the cannon mounted on the rear observation deck. He hates tailgaters.


For those pesky "they're coming right at us!" targets, the cannon can be mounted on the top of the center cabin and plugged into the backup steam feed for the front props.


Finally, we have this beast:

This is very close to being another "right out of the pile" weapon - it's a spring-loaded ball launcher from the latest round of Bionicle figures. The look of it (a grey cylinder with a detailed black cowling) was too Steampunk not to try and use, though. I did add a self-contained steam engine to power the thing. The only problem? This thing is SO big that the only place it'd fit on the Falcon is sitting on the front wedge.

Oh well. The recoil would probably send the cannon flying back into the gearing to wreck the ship anyway.

The final page has some desktop wallpapers and a link to a page to discuss this model, should you be so inclined. You're almost there...stay on target!

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