Observation Deck and Radar Dish

The rear edge of the ship has an elevated observation deck - both to give passengers something to look off of to ease the boredom of travel, and to have a place to mount weapons if a run is predicted to be a bit "tricky."

On deck in the photo below are pilot Han Solo and co-pilot Chewbacca - both in Steampunk attire. Han cleans up nicely, doesn't he?

To the right is a snapshot of the Steam Astromech (STE-4M) Han keeps below decks most of the time. He leaks. (You can see STE-4M in hiding in the background of some of the shots on this page if you look closely. It's like a mini-game of "Where's Waldo?")


One final detail is the Falcon's radar dish. It's one of those key visual elements that I didn't dare lose in the conversion from Star Wars to Steampunk. With that in mind, there wasn't a whole lot I could do to the dish to make it more "punk". I settled for adding some more obvious gears and using a grey wagon wheel instead of a traditional LEGO radar dish piece.


Oh! And here's a nice little add-on - victorian gas-lamp style lighting that can be attached to the railing for those romantic night flights...

Now that you're familiar with the detail work, it's time to pull back and look at the ship as a whole. Click "next" to see!

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