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Let me answer the obvious question first. Steampunk is a fantasy/science fiction setting where steam power is the main source of energy/innovation. Most steampunk settings take place in an environment that looks an updated version of an Victorian era England. Think Cyberpunk, just with more analog components.

In January of 2008, a popular LEGO/Star Wars forum site, From Bricks to Bothans, featured a building challenge based on converting LEGO models of classic Star Wars vehicles into their Steampunk equivalents. The following pages detail my entry into that contest - a re-imagining of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon.    

My love of Tramp Freighters is no secret - that I would choose the Falcon as my first Steampunk conversion was a foregone conclusion. The only real question was what direction to take the build. Steampunk can range from the very gritty industrial look to the polished lines of an H.G. Well's movie remake. My final build leans toward the elegant - but there's enough exposed mechanics to keep the "punk" alive.


Since these pages are necessarily very graphics-heavy, I've broken things up over several pages to help with load times. First up, a look at my design process. Click the "NEXT" link to keep reading, or use the handy navigation links below to jump around.

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