I was inspired by a post on the LiveJournal LEGOs Community to create Reasonably Clever's first contest of 2006!


Go out and buy set #7708, LEGO Exo-Force "Uplink" (Pictured at right) This is one of the smallest Exo-Force sets and only costs about $5. For that five bucks you get a neat little mini-mech and a truly fun mini-figure with spiky purple anime hair.

The problem? Well, at the $5 level, there's not a lot of bling on that mech. It's very functional - but not very stylish.

The solution? Pimp my Mech.

Take whatever LEGO bricks you want (but they have to be LEGO parts! No MegaBlok nonsense) and trick out this Mech. You can do whatever you'd like - but be aware that entries will be judged on the following criteria:


Resemblance to Base Model
Does the final model still look like a 7708? Or have all links to the base model been lost?


How well did the builder achieve the goal of "Pimping out" the base model?

Is this just some chrome elements stuck on a Mech, or is there something more?
Swimsuit Competition n/a


HAS PAST! Entry Deadline was Midnight, March 31st.


Judging will be by some of my non LEGO-addicted friends, so don't worry about being up on the latest building techniques or themes - they wouldn't be able to recognize a "Star Wars Shooter" to save their hinders, and "Wheels as Engines" is still a fresh concept to them. In short- this contest really is open to everyone! Master Builder and tinkerer alike!

1st Prize: $50 LEGO Shop-at-Home Gift Certificate! So you can buy more LEGO.

2nd Prize: YOU GET NOTHING. You LOSE! Good DAY, sir! (A Reasonably Clever tradition for second place finishers!)

3rd Prize: $15 LEGO Shop-at-Home Gift Certificate!

4-6th Prizes: Your pick of one of the Bag-O-Bricks Mini-figures


The winning entries will be announced on April 8th!


Click on the image to see the full entry!



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